Business Development

Middle East Business Contacts functions as a clearing house of international business activity, with a primary focus on The Middle East and the USA.

Mr. John Paul Youel, founder of Middle East Business Contacts, has decades of experience that can be called upon for interested Companies, Investors, Importers, Exporters, Contractors, Manufacturers, Consultants and Entrepeneurs to draw upon.

We can help you with the distribution of product, equipment and machinery on a sole agency basis, whether it is to or from the Middle East to the USA or vice versa.

We are particularly positioned to assist with opportunities assocated with the planning and preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament to be held in Qatar.

As the development for this great event moves forward, there obviously are many opportunities assocated with it, and Middle East Business Contacts is in a unique position to offer our services via our office in Qatar.

Any inquiries regarding our services will be respectfully retained within our very strict guidelines for confidential communication.

We welcome your inquiries as to how our services can assist you or your company or organization.Please contact us at:

Business Development

Interpretation and Translation

Interpretation and Translation

Middle East Business Contacts doing business as “Trust California” provides Interpretation and Translation Services in all languages for individual, corporate, legal and governmental needs.

Trust California’s services are available for:

  • Courts
  • Attorneys
  • Deposition
  • Corporation
  • Private Agencies
  • Government
  • Diplomatic Conference
  • Corporate meeting & Conference

*We have specific expertise regarding the translation of Arabic into English,Including idiomatic phrasing of both the Iraqi and Egyptian languages.

Please direct any inquiries regarding any of our services to:

Immigration Issues

Middle East Business Contacts provides services to those with immigration issues. We can help with matters regarding:

Trust California’s services are available for:

  • Family petitions-citizen/legal resident status
  • Employer Petitions
  • Student Petitions
  • Invester/Trader situations
  • Business Visas
  • Self Positioning (for people with exceptional skills or abilities)
  • Other Remedies and Solutions

We can provide valuable services in the above categories and where we can’t we will refer you to our very qualified legal associates when necessary.

Please direct any inquiries regarding any of our services to:

Immigration Issues

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